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CBG 5th Grade

In our 5th grade center based program, we focus on problem-based education with an emphasis on meaningful projects. We have a hands-on, inter-disciplinary approach to learning. Students are engaged in self-directed activities with the majority of projects completed in school.

 Language Arts

In writing, we are actively engaged in the writing process, thinking about ourselves as writers and how we can improve our writing. We create a writing portfolio which we refer to throughout the school year to help guide our writing focus for future assignments. We have fun writing in fifth grade!

Our reading program is based on novel studies. We focus on literary elements and reading comprehension skills. Students participate in small group meetings to discuss their novel and collaboratively work to complete novel enrichment activities.

Our home reading program supports our in-class literary focus by asking students to extend their understanding beyond the classroom to the personal reading at home.

Our word study and vocabulary development is based on our novel studies and word origins. As part of the Center Based Gifted program, students are exposed to an introductory level of a different foreign language each semester.


In fourth grade, all students, even those in accelerated math and in CBG, take the fourth grade math SOL test. In fifth grade, however, we take the 6th grade SOL test. We have a lot of material to cover in math in 5th grade CBG.


In science, we participate in discovery learning labs for most of our units of study. With each unit of study, students are provided with several study guides and notes as well as enrichment/extension activities.

 Social Studies

In social studies, we leave Virginia and explore the world! We study the history, culture, and geography of the continents as well as learn the states and capitals of the U.S. We also examine our Constitution and discuss current events as they apply to us as citizens of our state, our nation, and the world.

 21st Century Skills

We emphasize the importance of 21st century learning skills in our blended learning environment. The teachers keep the parents and students informed of all announcements, assignments, and curriculum via a Schoolnotes website which is updated weekly. Teachers and parents communicate via email.