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School Counseling

Mission Statement Grange Hall Counseling Department

Our mission is to enhance the educational environment in three domains: academic, personal/social and career. The comprehensive program at Grange Hall provides counseling, instruction, support and information to access community resources for our K-5th grade students and their families. Because of our collaborative approach teachers, parents and counselors work together to help students succeed in areas of: academic achievement, accountability, productivity, dependability, self-expression, self-control, social integrity, decision-making, conflict resolution and/or self-determination. The ultimate objective is to foster the development of personal responsibility and to promote skills required to become successful 21st century citizens.

Counseling Department Philosophy Statement:
The school counselors believe:
  • All students have dignity and worth and have the right to be served by a comprehensive school counseling program.
  • All students have a capacity to learn and are entitled to academic support.
  • All students will be provided with a school counseling program that will be consistent with expected developmental stages of learning and differences in learning styles.
And that the school counseling program should:
  • Be planned and coordinated by state certified school counselors in consultation with other representatives of the school and community.
  • Engage students in classroom, group and/or individual activities to enhance student learning.
  • Provide academic, career, personal and social development for every student.

And that all school counselors:

  • Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association.
  • Shall participate in professional development essential to maintain a quality school counseling program.

What can a school counselor do for me?
A school counselor can...
  • Meet together with parents and the classroom teacher to discuss concerns about their child, particularly related to social, behavioral, and emotional issues.
  • Provide parents with resources in the community to meet long-term counseling needs for their child and their family.
  • Work with parents and teachers to develop a behavioral plan for a child who is experiencing behavior difficulties in school.
  • Lend out videos and books for children and parents on a variety of topics.

What can a school counselor do for my child?
A school counselor can...
  • Meet with a child who was referred to the counselor by themselves, their parents, their teacher, or an administrator.
  • Work with students to develop academic goals in order to optimize their school performance.
  • Help children express and deal with feelings of grief regarding the death of a family member, friend, or pet.
  • Provide a safe, confidential environment for children to talk about a separation or divorce in their family, or other issues of concern.
  • Help children resolve conflicts with peers.
  • Include children in small groups on a variety of topics.
  • Teach guidance lessons in the classroom on a variety of topics.