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Sponsor: Kara Gallagher

SCA had one main focus this year: putting the needs of others first. The children engaged this focus by volunteering, on a scheduled, weekly basis, for over 20 teachers throughout the year in a variety of ways: by helping out younger students, filing papers, stacking chairs, putting up and taking down bulletin boards, organizing areas of the classroom, or by helping with clean-up tasks to name just a few. The kids were responsible to keep these commitments and gave up their recess time to volunteer.

We also had two fund-raising events. In December, we worked with VCU's Children's Hospital's "Change for Children" initiative. The children promoted and collected over $1,000 in change and received local recognition for their efforts. In February, the children came up with "Chew for Charity". The PTA partnered with us by supplying gum and publicity for this event and again, we raised over $1,000, this time in a single day, for a charity that the children chose, Comfort Zone Camps.

At Grange Hall, SCA could stand for Service and Compassion in Action!!