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Teacher of the Year

Leslie Lenhart and our principal Rosemary Harris  

Previous Gordon Teachers of the Year:

2016-17 Sandra Albert
2015-16 Lenora Dean
2014-15 Jim Wright
2013-14 Cathy Harrington
2012-13 Kathy Snead
2011-12 Terri Cooper
2010-11 Josie Whisler
2009-10 Tamara Nicely
2008-09 Leslie Lenhart
2007-08 Sarah Warner
2006-07 Joyce Solomon
2005-06 Meredith (Byrnes) Daley

Congratulations Mrs. Lenhart!

We are pleased to announce that our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year is our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lenhart.  We all appreciate her dedication and support for the students, faculty, and staff of Gordon Elementary School.