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Lunch and Breakfast

Kids eating lunch

Paying for Lunch: 

Elementary school lunches cost $2.40 (40¢ is the reduced price), and milk is 60¢. Adult lunches at elementary and middle schools cost $3.55. If a student does not want a complete lunch, milk and food items may be purchased individually. Breakfast is available for $1.50 for students (30¢ is the reduced price).

My School Bucks

Are you tired of writing checks or searching every morning for cash to pay for your child’s lunch? MySchoolBucks.com can help! There are many benefits to this website, which is secured through Verisign.
  • Decrease the chance of your child running out of breakfast or lunch money
  • Eliminate the need to send lunch money daily or weekly
  • Deduct from your credit card or debit card automatically or by request depending on which method you prefer
  • Enable you to check your child’s account for the past seven days to see what they are eating and have purchased
  • Allow you to place limits on how your child may spend the money in his or her account. We recommend setting a daily spending limit rather than a weekly spending limit.
  • Let you check payment history with MySchoolBucks.com
  • Notify you by e-mail when your child’s account balance drops to a certain level.

How does MySchoolBucks.com work?

First, you need a computer with Internet access. Go to MySchoolBucks.com and follow the on-screen directions. We encourage a $10 minimum payment. Once your account is set or a payment is made, it will take up to 1 hour for the account to show updates. If there are any problems with MySchoolBucks.com, parents can call 1-800-479-3531 and select option 5 to speak with a representative.

Use MySchoolBucks.com to make EASY lunch payments for your child!
Call 1-800-479-3531 or visit www.MySchoolBucks.com to enroll in this convenient, free service!


Use our Nutrislice App to view school menus on your computer, via email, or on your mobile device! Nutrislice provides detailed ingredient lists and nutritional information about school lunches and breakfasts!

Visit our Food and Nutritional Services site for more information and to find out about our Free or Reduced-Price Lunch program. http://mychesterfieldschools.com/food-and-nutrition-services/


When having lunch with your child, due to allergies and limited table space, friends are not able to join them.  Thank you!

A bag lunch will be served on half days.  Students will eat earlier in their classrooms.