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Teacher of the Year


Teacher of the Year 2017/2018 Announcement:

Congratulations to Angela Matthews!!  Mrs. Matthews teaches 7th Grade Mathematics at FCMS. This is truly a well-deserved honor for Angela, who is so passionate about teaching her students and providing support to our entire FCMS school community!

About Mrs. Matthews:

Mrs. Matthews exemplifies many strong character traits that deserves recognition.  She consistently seeks creative ways to instruct students while inspiring them to learn and to work to their potential.  She willingly stays after school to provide support for her students every week in a  one to one or group format.  Aside from ensuring students' instructional needs are meet, she diligently works to make sure their physical and emotional needs are met by treating them with respect at all times, talking to students and not at students; all while providing a safe learning environment.  Additionally, she is often seen as a leader in our school.  She consistently stays abreast of educational trends and best practices to help assist instruction or with our school's PBIS program implementation. Mrs. Matthews is very understanding and genuinely cares about all of the kids she encounters through out each day.  Her colleagues readily seek her advice as someone who is grounded as a seasoned teacher and is truly invested in students at Falling Creek Middle School.