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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Welcome to Spanish class!

Here at Falling Creek Middle, we offer Spanish levels 1-3, as well as Spanish for Heritage Speakers level 1. These are high school-level courses, and students who pass the courses with a C (70+) or higher receive high school credits. 

Each of the Spanish 1-3 levels focus on practicing listening, reading, speaking, and writing in Spanish. Students are spoken to in Spanish as much as possible and listen to other native Spanish speakers so that they are exposed to various Spanish accents. They are also exposed to many different cultural lessons from the Spanish-speaking world! In the Spanish for Heritage Speakers class, students who have learned Spanish from their families or who are from a Spanish-speaking countries get to build upon the foundation they already have. This course focuses mainly on reading and writing skills. We read several different novels, discussing them and writing about them. Students also write about their own lives and compare the cultures from the books to their own!


-No previous experience in formal Spanish learning is required for Spanish 1 or Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1.

-Spanish 2 requires a passing grade from Spanish 1. A grade C or higher from Spanish 1 is strongly recommended.  

-Spanish 3 requires a passing grade from Spanish 2. A grade C or higher from Spanish 2 is strongly recommended.