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At Falling Creek MS,  we offer French I and French II. These are high-school level courses and will affect your student’s GPA in high school.

In French class, the emphasis is on enjoying participating in speaking, reading, writing, and using the language as effectively as possible. We’ll explore aspects of the Francophone world: culture, events, people and places. We’ll use our French as much as we can--as students learn new words, they are encouraged to communicate in the target language. I expect we’ll work hard, and have fun.


Requirements are few: something to write with, something to write on/in, and something that will hold papers. In addition, I encourage students to bring their willingness to try something new, and an expectation that every day, they will have some measure of success.

We’ll review procedures and expectations (as far as behavior, study habits, class norms, homework expectations, respect of self and property). Please, these three are non-negotiable: no gum, no cell phones visible or heard, no headphones or earbuds.

I love what I do, and I bring my best energy every day! I’ll hope my students do, too.

Contact Information:

Jane Emrick