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Art Works of FCMS Students

6th grade exploratory classes have a 9 week class, with a fee of $5 to cover materials we use in class. Students will explore techniques and processes while in this 9 weeks class. Some of the projects have been papier mache masks, printmaking, painting, drawing ,etc.

The 7th grade year long class will be more of an advanced art class. Students have a $ 20 art fee for this year long class to cover some of the costs of the materials that they will use over the year. They will also have various field trips and maintain a sketchbook all year. Some of these students are preparing for application to Thomas Dale Specialty Center .

The 7th grade semester class has a $10 art fee for the semester, two 9 weeks. They will have a variety of art projects during this semester and a field trip.

The eighth grade, year-long class has a $20 art fee for the year to cover some of their expenses. They will maintain a sketchbook and some will get ready to apply to Thomas Dale Specialty Center. We will have several field trips during the year, as well.

The eighth grade semester class will have a $10 fee to cover materials. We will finish 2 or 3 projects and have a field trip.