Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol promotes leadership skills, honesty, and core values of our school. Fifth grade Students are selected by their classroom teachers and the School Counselors oversee the selected students. School Counselors coordinate a training for Safety Patrol Officers and allow them to help out in various ways, such as New Student Tours or monitoring hallways during dismissal. 

Every Nine Weeks, new Safety's are selected! This promotes good behavior among those students who want to become Safety Patrol's. Students are eager to be able to serve as Safety Patrol Officers and they enjoy helping promote School Safety and Core Values. 

This School Year (2015-2016) Safety Patrol will participate in a Service Project that will be coordinated by School Counselors- Ms. Anderson & Ms. Bailey.

Students must complete an application and attend Training, which is during recess time at the beginning of each nine weeks. Safety Patrol requires an application and consent from a parent/guardian. 

Club Sponsors:  Starlette Anderson 
                        Angela Bailey