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Community Resources

We strive to support our students and their families, and recognize that some families need access to resources available in the community.  Several of the most frequent resources utilized are listed below with contact information or for a direct link click on the name of the resource to be redirected to their website.

Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource     (804) 612-6126 Regional
                                                               1-800-838-8238 Hotline

G.E.D. Information                                    (804) 768-6165 Ext.1922 or Ext. 1916

Parent Teacher Resource Center                 (804) 639-8699

Pre-Kindergarten                                       (804) 279-7357

Public Library                                            (804) 748-1603 Central
                                                               (804) 318-8778 Meadowdale

Social Services                                          (804) 748-1100