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Clinic/School Nurse

General information regarding our Clinic Policies are listed below. Please call or contact Mrs. Jones (Clinic Attendant) or Mrs. Hayes (Public Health School Nurse) with any questions or concerns.  


Many students at Falling Creek Elementary School have sensitivities to various foods including, but not limited to, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and milk.  Following exposure to one or all of these foods, our food-sensitive students can experience reactions that range from mild to life-threatening.


At home, parents of students with food sensitivities can manage the foods to which their children are exposed.  However, managing such exposure at school is more of a challenge, and the staff of Falling Creek Elementary School will take reasonable steps to meet that challenge.


We ask if you bring food to your child at school, that you neither bring food for anyone else's child nor share your or your child's food with any other child.


A Severe Allergy Action Plan can be found here.  Please complete the form, along with the doctor, and return it to the clinic.



Any medication that is to be administered to a student during school hours must be brought to the school by the parent / guardian.  Medication Authorization forms must be completed before medication can be administered.  

Student medication must be in the original packaging and accompanied by a doctor's note (the prescription label is considered a note from the doctor).


A Medication Authorization Form can be found here.

Students are NOT allowed to transport medication to and from school.


If your child is going to be absent from school, please call 804-743-3632.  Remember to send in a written note stating the reason for the absence on the day your child returns to school.

Visit our District's Student Health and Safety page for more information on CCPS Health Services.

Public Health School Nurse

The Public Health School Nurses are employed by Chesterfield County Health Department. We work cooperatively with Chesterfield County Public Schools to promote optimum health for the school community. Here is just some of what we do:

  • Review of health records to identify students with health needs 
  • Health care plans when needed for students w/ health problems such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, and seizures 
  • Identification and follow-up of health problems affecting children's learning 
  • Individualized health education to students, parents, and school personnel 
  • Review of student's immunization records 
  • School-based immunization clinics 
  • Investigation and follow-up of communicable diseases 
  • Consultation and follow-up to special education departments 
  • Consultation and resources to the school clinic assistant 
  • Emergency First Aid 
  • Health Screenings ( hearing, vision, height, weight), health education classes 
  • Promotion of wellness activities for faculty and staff 
  • Representation on committees within the school

The Virginia Department of Health - Office of Family Health Services provides valuable information to Virginia Residents on both family and public health risks and avoidance tips.

Clinic Staff

Shaneysha Jones

Kimberly Hayes, R.N.