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Physical Education

Physical Education is a fun, safe and active environment for students to participate in meaningful activities.  With instructional direction, students will acquire the knowledge, developmental skills, and confidence to perform a variety of movement patterns and activities.  It is with this knowledge, practice, and skill set that self-confidence grows along with personal satisfaction and enjoyment for physical activity.  As a result, students are more likely to become more involved in physical activities in and out of their educational setting today and in their future. 


The childhood obesity epidemic in America is a national health crisis.  This is why Falling Creek partners with the American Heart Association each spring to have our youth become more aware of obesity, heart disease and the importance of proper diet and exercise to improve overall health.  Along with the PTA, the Physical Education Department also hosts a “Fitness Night” each fall to get the community involved and to take part in being active with their children.


Physical Education is a vital part of Falling Creek’s curriculum.  Through activity and play, the students not only have a way to be active but also have an opportunity to interact with their classmates in a way they can’t in the classroom.  Welcome again to a great school and please come visit the Physical Education Department!

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