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The goal of music education is to use music as a source of personal enrichment and a way to express human emotions.  The Virginia Standards of Learning for music are organized with four related strands which include performing, creating, investigating and connecting with and through music.


Music class at Falling Creek Elementary will be a musical journey in which your child will enjoy the excitement of making music.  The core ingredients of the classes will include the musical elements of rhythm, movement and melody.  There will be a non-threatening atmosphere of play, which will encourage the child to take risks in experimenting with his own musical ideas.


At each different level students will be singing a broad repertoire of songs and playing instruments.  They will learn how to read and notate music using traditional notation, develop listening skills including music from around the world, employ creativity in a variety of musical experiences, and respond to music with movement.  All students will use rhythm instruments, Orff percussion instruments and their voices to express themselves.  Third, fourth and fifth grades will have the opportunity for instruction on the recorder and the guitar.

Curriculum Overview

Teaching Team

Jolanta Hoffman

Ms. Kasperick