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Welcome to Kindergarten!

In Kindergarten, the primary focus is to provide instruction to each student at his/her stage of development.  We use the county and state guidelines (SOL’s) to help guide the curriculum being covered.  Our language arts skills are integrated throughout our day in all subject areas.  These skills are not taught in isolation, but rather taught in context to help students make connections between the curriculum and how the subject matter applies to their own lives.


The county uses a balanced literacy model to teach language arts.  In kindergarten, our language arts block is broken up into 5 areas:


  1. Shared Reading
  2. Guided Reading
  3. Word Study
  4. Oral Language
  5. Writing


Shared Reading


During shared reading, we expose our students to a wide variety of texts.  We read both fiction and non-fiction text to our students and we expose them to a variety of genres and subject matter.  Throughout the school year, we use this time to teach students about the parts of a text, story elements, text structure and concept of print.  We also use this time for choral reading to help students build fluency and expression.  We use a variety of questioning techniques to develop comprehension skills.


Guided Reading


During guided reading each student is provided with instruction based on their instructional needs.  Guided reading groups are determined based on PAL’s data, DRA data, and county assessments.  Students work in small groups to help develop their knowledge of how text works by reading leveled texts.  We also use this block of time to help develop our students’ phonemic and phonological awareness skills.  Vocabulary development and working on word wall words is an essential part of the guided reading block as well.


Word Study

During word study, students explore and sort letters, pictures and words in order to develop an understanding of how words are formed and begin to recognize patterns within them.  Students are given word study spelling assessments throughout the year.  These assessments are used to identify individual instructional needs and determine their word study stage.  We use these assessments to monitor student growth in the area of spelling and writing.



Yes!  Kindergarteners are writers!  Our students are given the opportunity to write every day.  The focus of writing instruction in Kindergarten is to help our students develop the concept of writing and eventually make the connection between reading and writing.


Students are taught how illustrations and writing go hand in hand and how both of these elements should include lots of details.  This block of time includes: mini-lessons to model good writing skills, independent writing time, and sharing time.  Teachers monitor and conference with students during independent writing time. 


Oral Language

Oral language skills are developed during the entire school day.  Students’ oral language skills are developed by the singing of songs, reciting nursery rhymes, reading poetry, story discussion, and having conversations about our learning.  Basic reading skills such as segmenting, blending, and applying letter sound knowledge to decode words are also included in our oral language curriculum.


Fine Motor

Fine motor skills are developed and integrated throughout the day.  Students are provided lots of opportunities to develop their fine motor skills through cutting, illustrating, and writing across the curriculum. 



In Math, we explore number concepts, geometry, measurement, sorting and patterning.  Students learn these concepts through hands on learning activities and learning stations.  Skills are taught in the form of mini lessons and shared group experiences.  Students explore math stations every day to strengthen their understanding of the math concepts being taught.


Science/Social Studies

In Science, we explore how the concept of change affects our lives and our world.  We will investigate and learn about seasons, magnets, living and non-living things, water, and weather. 


In Social Studies, we explore and learn about our world past and present.  We will learn about famous Americans and our nation’s holidays.  We will explore the traditions and diversity of our world.  We learn about maps and globes, traits of good citizens, community helpers, and basic economic skills.


In Kindergarten, your child will become a reader, writer, illustrator, mathematician, and a scientist.  They will develop the social skills needed to work in a group and the self discipline to work independently.  Your child will develop the skills needed to be independent readers, writers and life-long learners.  


Curriculum Overview

Teaching Team

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