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4th Grade

Fourth Grade team

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

 Language Arts


We use the balanced literacy model to teach reading, word study and writing.  During guided reading we use Jan Richardson’s model to focus on reading strategies and comprehension.  We combine the content for Social Studies by doing novel studies on the American Revolution and Civil War.  While students are not reading in a small group, they are still engaged with language arts activities in our Reading Café.  The students will also build their vocabulary with the Word of the Week Program.


To further enhance their writing, students will utilize the 6 Traits strategies.  The students will work diligently to prepare for the writing predictor (a measure of performance for the fifth grade writing SOL).


Students will be engaged in word study where the feature of the word is emphasized.




In fourth grade math class, SOL’s from third grade will be furthered explored with a heightened degree of complexity.  Students will be expected to use analytical skills to achieve success on mathematical word and computation problems.  The students will engage in games that help with mathematical concepts and higher level thinking.  Students will be expected to use “math talk” when justifying their solutions.  Major units include: number sense, fractions, decimals, geometry, graphing, multiplication/division, probability and measurement.


Students who met certain academic benchmarks will be placed in an advanced math class.  This class will include certain SOL strands from the fifth grade curriculum.


Social Studies - Virginia Studies


The third SOL test that students will take in fourth grade is Virginia Studies which is comprised of a thorough investigation of the geography of Virginia as well as the historical beginnings of our country through the modern 21st century.  Students will travel to Jamestown to experience the colonial life we have studied.  Virginia Studies is taught with a hands-on approach where the students make maps, perform Reader’s Theaters, and create artifacts to support the content.




Fourth grade science will include the study of plants, photosynthesis, weather, ecosystems, and the solar system.  The students will use the scientific method in their investigations.   Also, there will be a field trip to the Math and Science Center to further explore one of these topics.  We will utilize technology to showcase the latest developments in the scientific world.

Curriculum Overview


Teaching Team

Jenna Bickel

Shari Hardy

Allsion Snyder