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Student Council Association (SCA)

The purpose of the SCA is to allow students to learn about democracy and leadership. It allows students to grow a positive and motivating school environment, by letting them voice their opinions and make changes. 

Students will participate in activities such as:
  • school-wide improvement projects (flowers in the garden, school grounds clean up day, etc.)
  • charity event/fundraisers (students can pick a charity to volunteer for/make things for/gather items for)
  • leadership development
  • field trips  

The club will meet on average for 1 hour a month, after school. Other projects may require additional time, such as an extra 1 hour meeting after school on particular project months. 

Students will put forth their names for representation and each class will vote on the representatives. Those wishing to be elected to an SCA officer position will "run a campaign" and will be selected by their peers. Students that are selected for nomination must demonstrate the Core Values as defined by Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Club Sponsor:    Ashley Maynard