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600 Club

These students in grades 3 - 5 demonstrated their commitment to high achievement, by attaining a perfect score of 600 on at least one of their SOL test.

Any student interested in joining this club would need to study, put forth the extra effort, do your best, and add that extra degree!


Congratulations to all of our High Achievers!




Jasmin Candidopela - Third Grade

Diego Davila - Third Grade

Baron Gissendaner - Third Grade

Edwin Godinzgabr - Third Grade

Ansa Kanwal - Third Grade

Chizitara Njoku - Third Grade

Yolissa Vasquez - Third Grade

Jose Martinezgom - Fourth Grade

Victor Godinezlope - Fifth Grade

Samuel Olguin - Fifth Grade

2013- 2014

Ashley Mejia - Third Grade

Anthony Perez - Third Grade

 Stephen Whorton - Third Grade


Zyir Baskerville - Fourth Grade

Jonathan DelaPena - Fourth Grade

Ryan Elliot - Fourth Grade

Alison Flores - Fourth Grade

Victor Godinezlope - Fourth Grade

Jada Knight - Fourth Grade

Samuel Olguin - Fourth Grade

Andrea Rojas-Ramirez - Fourth Grade

Lourdes Sanchez - Fourth Grade


Andrew Spencer - Fifth Grade