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Clinic/School Nurse

Reporting Absences or Tardiness
Please notify the school clinic to report a child's absence from or tardiness to school.  There is an answering machine to receive your message at any time. The number is (804) 520-6005.
Administering Medication
No Medication may be brought to school by a child.  This includes over the counter medications, and cough drops/suckers.  A parent must bring all medication to the school clinic.  All medications must be administered by the Clinic Aide or School Nurse.
A written order from the prescribing physician with student's name, dosage and time is required for each medication.  The medication with the prescription label on it is acceptable.  The parent must also complete a Medicine Administration Request Form.  It is the responsibility of the student to come to the clinic for medication.  *We recommend you bring a second empty prescription bottle to be used on field trips.  *For children with asthma: In addition to the medication used for nebulizer treatments, we recommend you provide an inhaler that will be kept in the clinic to be sent with your child on field trips.
Parents must complete a Medicine Administration Request Form and bring in the medication.  These types of medications may only be given three times in a one month period.  To extend this time allotment, the parent may have the student's physician fax a letter stating the amount, time and dosage necessary.  The physician may also order a specific amount to be given as needed to the student.  Please call the clinic immediately if you have any questions.
Bloodborne Pathogens
Due to OSHA regulations, if a student has gotten sick or bled on his/her clothing, a parent must either pick up the child or provide a fresh set of clothing.  This regulation includes any type of bodily fluids that soil a student's clothing.  The clinic does accept donations of used shirts, sweatpants and shorts. We also accept new packages of male and female underclothes.  These clothes are given to the children in an emergency until the parent can be reached.
Thank you for your help with these matters.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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