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Music is life!  Music is woven into the fabric of our culture and society in many different ways, and in Music Resource, students discover these connections in a variety of ways.


Students sing, dance, play musical instruments, create and perform their own compositions, explore the ways music influences today's society and the impact music had on cultures of the past.  They learn connections between what they hear on the radio today and the origins of that sound throughout history.  They learn that what they whistle, tap their feet to, rap along with, and write down on paper have names and distinctions from one culture to another, and the learn how to express themselves creatively with music.


Students follow a comprehensive curriculum as set forth by Chesterfield County Public Schools, one that correlates to state and national SOLs for music.


But most of all, students learn to understand and appreciate the music of the world around them, and those who create, perform, and preserve it.