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The art curriculum is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for Art K-5.  They are sequentially aligned with the developmental ability of elementary students.  Children sharpen their fine motor skills handling various media and tools.  They work with two dimensional and three dimensional materials.

Students progress from identifying simple shapes to creating them and combining them to produce objects and animals.  As they mature, they learn how to add details, make textures, incorporate backgrounds, and create a sense of depth in their work.  When working with 3-D media, students learn about simple forms.  They learn how to sculpt and combine objects into more complex works of art using more advanced materials and techniques.  Art projects encourage collaboration, individual expression, creative solutions, twenty-first century thinking and communication skills.

In addition, we also reinforce the core academic SOL’s by creating art projects with grade level units of study in mind.

Please visit our student web gallery at www.artsonia.com.