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Testing Information

PALS (Phonological Awareness Language Screening)

Students are screened in the fall and spring of each year.  PALS will be administered during a two-week block within the screening windows below.  PALS-K is given to all students, both in the fall and spring.  PALS 1-3 is given in the fall to those students who are new to Virginia public schools or who did not meet the end-of-year benchmark in their previous year.  PALS 1-3 is given in the spring to all students except those in grades 2 and 3 who have previously attained "high benchmark" status.  Mid-year screening is optional. 



DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)

The DRA is given in each grade level to assess your child's independent reading level.



CogAT (The Cognitive Abilities Test) 

The CogAT test will be given to 3rd graders in December .



MAP Testing 
The MAP test will be given to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders three times throughout the year.


SOL Tests (Standards of Learning)
Students in Grades 3-5 take SOL tests in the subjects listed below.  
Testing begins in May.



                                         SOL TESTS