Success Through Education and Proactive Policing, or STEPP, is an educational program for Chesterfield County elementary schools. This program is a collaborative effort of the Chesterfield County Police Department and Chesterfield County Public Schools. The program is taught by non-sworn, uniformed child-safety officers in all county public elementary schools. Course topics are based on school grade level

Kindergarten – rules
Officer friendly
School bus
Seat-belt safety
Respect for authority

1st graders – personal safety
Emergency 911
Respect for authority
Safety at home

2nd graders – interacting with others
Standing up for yourself
Stranger awareness

3rd graders – handling conflicts
Respect for authority
Peer pressure
Alternatives to fighting'

4th graders -responsibility
Respect for authority
Responsible citizenship
Crime prevention
Crime resistance: vandalism
Crime resistance: shoplifting

5th graders – multiple topics
Respect for self and others
Nonviolent conflict resolutions
Peer and social influences
Tobacco and other drug awareness
Responsible citizen