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3rd Grade

Team 3

In third grade we will provide knowledge to our students so they will become successful learners in future grades and will become happy and productive citizens later in life.


Language Arts

Reading continues to be a priority in third grade.  We will learn about words while reading age-appropriate text. Your child will become an expert at using his/her reading comprehension strategies.  In third grade we will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature including a monthly National Geographic Magazine for kids.  Your child will also participate in the Accelerated Reading Program.  In writing your child will learn to love to write. He/she will also learn the keyboard and learn to type using the home row on the keyboard.



Math in grade three is lots of fun.  At the beginning of the year your child will make a Math-All About Me poster. During the year your child will learn the multiplication and division tables through the twelve’s. Students will also be fluent in the basic addition facts through the tens table and the corresponding subtraction facts.  During the 2nd half of the school year your child will focus on fractions, and measurement. 



In science we place a strong emphasis on conducting investigations.   Students will learn to be able to develop questions, formulate simple hypotheses, make predictions, gather data, and use the metric system. During the first quarter of the year your child will learn about animals, habitats, and how animals behave in their environment.  After our animal unit we will focus on simple and compound machines.  During the second half of the year we will explore the units of matter, water, space, soil, patterns.  


Social Studies

In Social studies, our main focus is loving history, and applying the knowledge to real life.  Your child will start the year off by studying maps.  We will then learn about our government.  Students will then learn about the heritage and contributions of the peoples of ancient Greece and Rome and the West African empire of Mali. After our study of ancient civilizations we will study about our explorers and the contributions they made. During the 2nd half of the year we will explore different famous Americans from George Washington to our current president of the United States.  We will then complete a unit on economics and discuss diversity.  

Curriculum Overview