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2nd Grade

Our 2nd grade curriculum integrates language arts, math, science and social studies to offer a cross curricular, problem based approach to learning.

Language Arts
In Language Arts, students focus on word study, reading, and writing skills while exploring exciting literature!

Our Math Curriculum begins with a review of addition and subtraction using concrete materials to reinforce these concepts. It gradually progresses to more abstract concepts such as time, money, geometry, and two and three digit addition and subtraction.

We will continue to use a hands-on Science program that explores the topics of plants, weather, magnets, and animals.  Year end highlights are watching the life cycles of butterflies, frogs, and fruit flies firsthand, as well as a field trip to Maymont Park.

Social Studies
Students in the second grade will study American Indian (First Americans) groups by comparing and contrasting the lives and contributions of these groups. The students will study the lives of individuals from the past that have worked to improve the lives of other Americans. Second grade students continue to develop map and globe skills and to demonstrate enhanced understanding of basic economic concepts. Students will also learn about the responsibilities of good citizenship and how people from diverse backgrounds participate and contribute to their communities. An exciting activity that second graders do each fall is creating their own globes out of paper mache.    

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