Hapara High Five! Five Positive Ways to Use Hapara Highlights!

Have fun and be creative with Hapara's new Highlights feature.  Utilize this tool to pump up positivity in your classroom.  Here are 5 different strategies for you to try:

1.  Catch'em being good! Send messages with Highlights’ messaging feature to small groups or individuals who are on task.  Positive reinforcement is most powerful when we praise students with genuine specific feedback. It makes your students optimistic and energizes the task.  Let your students know that you are proud to see them demonstrating learner agency and are in control of their own learning!



2. Start off on the right foot! Start each class period by using Highlights’ Activity Viewer to make sure all of your students have successfully signed into my.ccpsnet.net. At a glance, you can tell if all your students have logged into the dashboard by the number next to the blue bar. If that number is not at 100%, click the blue bar and you can tell exactly which students have logged in and those who have not.  Make it a habit for you and your students to start everyday on the CCPS dashboard.  

activity viewer.jpg

3.  The Rule of 3:  Have you ever heard the phrase,“Things are more effective and satisfying when they come in threes?”  Why not use the new Snap feature of Highlights to create a perfect triad of teacher-student-parent communication?  Say a student gets a great score on an online game or completes a difficult task, take a snapshot of the student’s screen to send a positive email home to parents. Everyone wins!  Parents like postive feedback and so do students.  This will encourage the student who struggles, and it uplifts students who feel they never get recognized. So, use "The Rule of 3" to encourage classroom expectations and give yourself, parents, and students a feel good kind of day!snap2.jpg

4.  Seeing is believing...and learning! Use the Current Screen feature of Highlights to project student tabs to share good examples of classroom work.  Let your class know your expectations by having students model their work in progress, demo solutions to problems, or edit papers in a group setting.  This strategy could give students opportunities for self assessment and reflection...and that "Wow" moment.  On the flip side, you could also combine explicit teacher modeling while building that meaningful student connection if you are the one sharing student examples.

5.  Highlights, a reflection of you!  Highlights can also allow you to reflect on your delivery of lessons.  Do you find yourself locking students into focus browsing more times than not just to keep them on a specific task? Use the data from all of the Highlights tools (Activity Viewer, browser Tabs, Current Screens and Snaps) as a way to evaluate your lesson.  Sometimes students are off task because our lessons are not interactive, meaningful, or relevant.  There is no substitute for an engaging, well planned lesson that will minimize off task behavior and diminish the need of big brother.

So,that's your “High Five!" Eliminate the negatives!  Use these Hapara Highlights strategies to help guide your students towards being positive, successful, 21st century digital learners.

Author Information

Cat Tompkins taught Kindergarten in rural Northern NY, served as Supervisor of Children’s Services for the Washington County Public Library, VA, and taught at Reams Elementary School. Now, she spreads the “technology love” as a CCPS integrator. When not immersed in technology, Cat is hanging with chickens and Portuguese Water dogs on her mini farm in Powhatan.

Tammy Howerton has been in education at CCPS for 15 years.  This is her 8th year as a Technology Integrator. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family at their place on the Outer Banks and attending Virginia Tech football games.   

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