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Teacher of the Year

The 2017 Teacher of the Year is Jason Adams!
Teacher of the Year, Mr. Adams
Mr. Adams with his family and Principal Maynes
after being announced as TOY.

Much can be said about Mr. Adams, but here is just a little of what several colleagues said when they nominated him:
  • Jason is a mentor to all students in this school.  He has very high expectations for everyone and our school is better because of him.

  • Mr. Adams goes above and beyond, year after year to meet the needs of all EDMS students.  He has created S.T.E.A.M. Punks and Nerd Herd, co-sponsors NJHS, participates in the Mentoring Program, attends sporting events, and can be seen helping throughout the building in a multitude of ways.  He helps out his fellow colleagues with technology, or pretty much anything else that is asked of him.  He does all of this while balancing the changes in his life of moving and going through the process of assisting children in foster care.  All of these things he does in his normal Jason Adams Style, that builds a positive energy in the place we all have to work day in and day out.  Teaching is more than just the lesson plan, and what his kids leave EDMS with is knowing they can be themselves and that's okay.

  • Jason Adams is one of the most dedicated teachers in our building.  His many clubs gives students that normally would not have a place to fit in an opportunity to celebrate themselves and to be around like minded peers.  The most touching thing is that Jason is opening up his home and heart to a young man that needs it so desperately.  I admire him so much for how selfless he is in his actions.  I can not think of someone more deserving than Jason Adams.  Teacher of the Year, Man of the Year