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The Theatre Department offers classes at all grade levels. Theatre (sometimes referred to as Drama) includes beginning acting skills, speaking skills, character development skills, and some introductory technical theatre and directing skills. Our mission is to cast, produce, direct, provide sets and costumes for our next show!
  • Sixth grade theatre is a part of the exploratory rotation with each class being 9 weeks. It is an introduction to acting and speaking skills.
  • Seventh grade is a semester class. It is an intermediate exploration of acting and speaking skills, plus an introduction to using video and movie making to enhance these experiences.
  • Eighth grade is either a semester class or an advanced, year-long class.
    • Semester:  We will explore all of the above skills in more depth. We will also have at least two performances for outside audiences.
    • Year-long:  We will explore all of the above skills in more depth. The last part of the year is spent developing directing skills through a project in which each student will conceptualize an idea, write the script, cast actors, direct, and digitally edit their own movie. Besides theatre skills, this experience incorporates many life skills such as meeting deadlines, cooperating with others, leading and following, gaining self confidence. 
Elizabeth Davis Middle School Shows since 2011: 
G2K Oklahoma 
The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr. 
The Little Mermaid, Jr. 
Willy Wonka, Jr. 
G2K The Sound of Music
Lion King, Jr.
Singin' in the Rain, Jr.
Shrek the Musical, Jr.

This year's show is... Once on this Island
All rehearsals and performances occur after the school day!
No grades or classes are connected to the show!
All participants are involved for the experience and love of theatre!!!
Auditions and crew applications are open to any Davis Raven regardless of grade level or enrollment in a theatre class!!!
A full audition and crew application packet will be available mid-October!


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