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Art Critique 2015
The art program at Elizabeth Davis has the potential to reach every child by emphasizing their creativity, advanced thinking, and self esteem. Art enables students to develop a worldview as social action, the environment, and technology are incorporated into the curriculum. Through the arts I am able to teach collaboration and individualism as well as tolerance.  A creative workforce is essential as we move into a conceptual age.

At Davis we create projects in all kinds of medium such as clay, colored pencil, paint and fibers.  We build big and small projects have art shows in school and share our art with the community.  At Davis we also sponsor an art club after school that is part of the National Junior Art Honor Society.  We offer year art, semester art, and exploratory art so the possibilities of adding Art into your schedule are endless!


Lindsey Bruce ‒ LindseyA_Bruceccpsnet.net
Lydia Walters ‒ Lydia_Waltersccpsnet.net
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  Jul 27, 2015, 1:14 PM Kimberly Lambert

Our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase art supplies for the school.  Jul 27, 2015, 1:15 PM Kimberly Lambert