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Clubs & Organizatons

Students visit the Nation's Capitol
Clubs and organizations provide students with many positive experiences that help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for college or the workplace.  Joining a club gives students a chances to explore their interests and talents.
Participation in extracurricular activities will foster creative, social and physical skills that are desirable qualities to colleges and future employers.  Involvement can strengthen self-esteem, build lasting friendships and create a lifetime of memories!

If the club has a webpage, you will find that their club name is a link to the page.  Please direct any questions about a club to the club sponsor.

There is something for everyone!  Get involved!
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Please upload your photos involving any of our school events. We'd love to build the photographic history of our school! Photos can also be emailed to the school's web curator, Kimberly Lambert.  Jul 27, 2015, 2:02 PM Kimberly Lambert