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Empowerment Zone


To equip our students, teachers, families and community with the resources needed to sustain success! 

In the spring of 2015, a needs assessment was conducted to determine the focus of enhancing the Ecoff community. The results yielded a plan to create the Ecoff Empowerment Zone. Included in this plan is a space at Ecoff Elementary School that functions as the hub of the community for all residents to access the resources they need to be lifelong learners. The Ecoff Empowerment Zone operates in a variety of ways, including the housing of school supplies and materials, as well as a place for family engagement activities. Community partnerships established through Ecoff’s PTA are creating opportunities for after-school student programs with the YMCA and other local organizations. Workshops for parents are held to help with consistent teaching and support strategies between home and school in support of academics, mental health and wellness, among other opportunities.

A focus on Character Education is also an important component of the Empowerment Zone. These character traits have morphed into “The Character Club” of everyday super heroes at Ecoff in an effort to empower our students with invaluable skills! 

Gratitude: Appreciation for others and opportunities for success. Curiosity: Eagerness to explore new things. 
Social Intelligence: Respecting the feelings of others to solve 
Self-Control: Responsible actions with school work and 
                     interpersonal skills. 
Optimism: Belief in overcoming frustrations to improve self. 
Grit: Perseverance and focus on finishing tasks. 
Zest: Active participation and enthusiasm for life and learning.

Empowering Communities & Opportunities For Families