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Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ecoff Elementary's 2018-2019
Teacher of the Year and Instructional Assistant of the Year!

Allie Redd and Bea Rahmlow

Now in her 8th year of teaching, Mrs. Redd received the Teacher of the Year honor after her 3rd year at Ecoff Elementary. She received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Leadership from George Mason University in 2005-2008. She later received a master’s degree in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction in 2008-2010. In her free time, Mrs. Redd enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as interior decorating and event planning. She also enjoys outdoor activities such as playing sports, attending sporting events, hiking, and walking her dog, Kali.

Why does she love teaching? “I love teaching because education is powerful energy that just gets transformed and transferred over and over in new ways, depending on the individual and his/her purpose and strengths. Watching light bulbs go off for students and instilling a love of learning or fueling their talents/passions, while also helping to mold them as citizens, makes me happy. The challenges and relationships each teaching environment, student/family, and colleague has given me has made me a better person, taught me more about life, and has helped prepare me to be a mom. I never stop wondering where that power will take my students, which energizes me each year for a new adventure.”

Beatric Rahmlow received the Instructional Assistant of the Year honor after working at Ecoff Elementary since 2012.  She received her nursing degree after working as a clinic assistant in the small village school of Canisteo, NY. 

Mrs. Rahmlow was born and raised in the southern tier area of New York State.  She was married to her high school sweetheart for 46 years.  She had 3 biological children, as well as adopted and raised one of her grandsons.  The Rahmlows helped raise over 60+ foster children through therapeutic foster care.  In her free time, her days are brightened by playing with her grandchildren (and great grandchildren)!  They play games, explore the outdoors, and make lasting memories.  She also enjoys reading a good book while listening to relaxing music and watching the hummingbirds and butterflies in her backyard.

What does she love about her job?  “I feel honored to work with so many devoted, talented, hard-working, and caring people.  I love helping all the children.  This is why I became a nurse years ago, and this is why I now work at Ecoff Elementary as a clinic assistant.”

Past Recipients of the Teacher of the Year Award

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Gwen Heningburg (2016-17)

Crystal Richardson (2015-16)

 Meredith Booth (2014-15)

Sarah Glass (2013-14)

Cindy Staneart (2012-13)

Beth Craig (2011-12)

Nora Saunders (2010-11)

Maura Mort (2009-10)