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School Counseling

Mrs. Coates and Ms. Claiborne

A.M. Davis Elementary’s School Counseling Program

The school counseling program here at A.M. Davis Elementary School is designed to assist your child in making the most of his or her educational experiences. As your child’s counselor, I am concerned about his or her emotional well-being, academic progress, and personal and social development. Because there are so many situations that interfere with a child’s learning
process, I am here to help students work through those issues. I can provide students with early interventions
as well as preventative strategies so that ALL students can do their individual best EVERY day.

Mission Statement

The mission of A.M. Davis Elementary’s School Counseling Program aligns with the school’s vision which is to encourage lifelong learning by teaching students imperative life skills they will need to be successful academically and socially. By partnering with all major stakeholders in the students’ lives, this comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program will empower students by nurturing their self-confidence, fostering their communication skills, developing their career interests, and encouraging them to be productive, positive members of the school and their community. The goal of providing individual counseling, small group
counseling, classroom guidance and school-wide preventative programs is to ensure that the needs of our students are
being met so that they are able to achieve their highest potential.


As the school counselor of A.M. Davis Elementary School, I believe that all students:
have the ability to learn and with a supportive school community they can achieve their individual academic best;
deserve a school environment in which they feel safe and respected, that fosters their academic and social growth, and that promotes acceptance and appreciation for all; and
can have positive experiences in their elementary school years which will provide learning opportunities that shape kind,
caring, and productive citizens.

As the school counselor at A.M. Davis Elementary School, I will:
advocate for every child’s academic and social best interests;
be available to all students on an as-needed, short-term individual basis, conduct small groups that focus on prevention and skill refinement, and teach classroom guidance lessons that address social/emotional, academic, and career development;
work with all major stakeholders in the students lives to provide a proactive, comprehensive school counseling program that is in accordance with the goals and competencies set forth by the state of Virginia, the Virginia School Counselor Association and the American School Counselor Association’s National Model; and
consistently assess the needs of the school community and use that data to actively drive the counseling program.


Classroom Guidance Lessons: We hope to visit your child’s classroom monthly to work with the students on a range of topics including anti-bullying, study skills, character development, understanding self and others, identifying and dealing with feelings, team building, goal setting, internet safety, celebrating diversity and more! Our goal is to address developmental issues common to ALL elementary
school-aged students. Letters will be sent home after most lessons in hopes that parents will extend these discussion topics at home.

Small Group Guidance: We will be running a variety group guidance sessions throughout the year on multiple topics. Small group counseling is available to all students in need, and may be requested by parents, students, or school staff. Parental permission is required. Groups are designed so that students may gather together in a confidential setting to work through an issue that is preventing them from doing their best in school. They have the opportunity to interact and connect with peers, practice new skills, provide and receive feedback, and set goals as needed. Topics include anger management, friendship/social skills, study skills, grief/loss, divorce/changing families, etc.

Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is available to all students in need, at the request of the student, parent, or staff member. While students may see us at any time for brief discussions, parental permission is required prior to a series of planned sessions. Students are able to express concerns in a safe environment, where problem solving can then take place.

Additional Services include (but are not limited to): Assessment resources and support (504 plans, SOL testing/Gifted testing, etc.),
school-wide character development program (based on the “Fill A Bucket” program & The dragon ticket program ), school-wide community service projects, consultation with parents and teachers, participating on the school’s Child Study Intervention Team and more!

Disclosure Statement

Your child will be participating in the school counseling program on a regular basis, unless you have mailed in an opt-out request. The opt-out provision excludes short duration personal/social counseling which is needed to maintain order, discipline, or a productive learning environment, or to assess instances of suspected child abuse and/or neglect. A student may meet with the school counselor when he or she requests to, when parents/guardians, teachers, administrators or other school staff members refer the student, or if the counselor initiates contact. Written parental consent is required before students can participate in small group counseling or individual counseling that will be conducted on a continuing basis. Information and records of personal/social counseling will be kept confidential and separate from a student’s educational records and will not be disclosed to third parties without prior
parental consent or unless required by law. Unfortunately, we can not provide intensive, long-term counseling services.