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4th Grade

Picture of fourth grade students outside

Language Arts:  

In Language Arts, students will not only read great books written by wonderful authors, they will become amazing authors during writing time!  The students will work on the Keys to Comprehension which include:  clarifying, making connections, visualizing, questioning, predicting, inferencing, determining importance, synthesizing, and summarizing.  Students will be working on reading independently to build comprehension and fluency.  They will review and be introduced to words that will expand their vocabulary.  The writing workshop will teach students how to write with voice, correct grammar, and expanding their ideas.  By the end of the year they will be awesome authors!   



The students will continue to work on mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  They will be introduced to many new materials such as fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, probability, and elapsed time.


Social Studies:

Students will learn all about Virginia Studies this year!  We begin the journey at Jamestown and end it in modern day Virginia.  Along the way we learn about the geography of Virginia, the Revolutionary and Civil War, the relocation of the capital, famous Virginians, and so much more!



Students will become expert scientists in animals and their habitats, weather, electricity, space, force, motion, and machines.  They will have classroom pets to learn about the life cycle and habitats of animals!  The students will become meteorologists as we learn all about weather!  They will get to do many experiments in Science in fourth grade!