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3rd Grade

Picture of Third Grade student


As Chalkley third graders, we will continue to expand our understanding of time, fractions, addition, subtraction, measurement, and graphing. Multiplication and division are new and exciting topics we will start in third grade. As a result, our clothes may get a little wet when finding the capacity of different measurement containers. We learn to appreciate the value of a dollar, and we can definitely determine how to get the correct change! Chalkley third graders are always on time, know how to share a bag of candy equally and understand how many cups are used to make macaroni.

Language arts:

Third graders will continue on their journey toward becoming strong and fluent readers, the expectation is: We READ to learn awesome new things! We will dive into many literary genres, such as fables, realistic fiction, and poetry. We learn to navigate and understand a variety of print forms, including newspapers, magazines, and online resources. We will use a variety of strategies to comprehend fiction and non-fiction passages and stories.

They will have the opportunity to showcase their vocabulary knowledge during creative fiction writing, share personal accomplishments while generating self-narratives, and extend their learning while crafting short reports on topics learned in Science and Social Studies. We will create a climate of responsible writers as we assist one another during the processes of revising, editing, and proofreading before publishing our masterpieces!


We will investigate different states of matter while getting wet and slimy. While observing our classroom terrarium, we'll experience the complex, interdependent relationships of living systems, such as food chains. Our hands will get dirty when working with humus (dead plants and animals) during our soil unit. We will investigate earth patterns and cycles by exploring the moon phases, seasons, and day and night. We will also explore the six simple machines that are used in everyday life. As active scientists in the classroom, we work in cooperative groups and use 21st century technology to become global citizens that will understand and protect the natural systems of the world around us.

Social Studies:

Chalkley third graders will use 21st century technology and researching skills to become international scholars. We will travel around the world, studying famous European explorers and ancient civilizations. We will learn how the natural environment has forced people to adapt to survive in different parts of the world. We will learn how the contributions of ancient Greece and Ancient Rome paved the way for our modern US government. We will work on projects that will help us to understand ways to become active citizens within our own community.