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Picture of Students during Youth Art Month

Art class is designed to teach students the language of art, thus equipping them with another means of expressing themselves and communicating about the world in and around them.  Students explore many materials, tools, methods, techniques, and processes used by artists to create art.  In art class, students gain exposure to a variety of mediums, artists, and art careers, while at the same time developing and refining fine motor skills.  Students learn proper care and treatment of art, art materials, and art equipment, so they can enjoy a lifetime of artistic pursuits.  Students are taught to look, describe, discuss, analyze, interpret, and critique art using appropriate art vocabulary and to value and appreciate art as a means of self-expression.  Emphasis is placed on personal exploration, discovery and expression, as well as, teamwork and respect for others and their artwork.  Students collaborate to accomplish shared goals and to create art with a unified vision, resulting from a unified effort.  

In art class, as in life, students are charged with the challenge to work hard, turn mistakes into discoveries, and to solve problems critically and creatively.  Inspiration for drawing, painting, printing, and sculpting comes from real and imaginary sources including personal and historical events, stories, themes, artists, and cultures.  In art class, students identify and use the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, space, value, and form) and the principals of design (balance, contrast, variety, rhythm, emphasis, unity, proportion ) to express ideas, images, and emotions.



Major Topics:
Visual Communication and Production
Cultural Context and Art History
Judgment and Criticism



Curriculum Overview