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At Crestwood we truly believe that Kindergarten means “children’s garden,” as we plant the seeds to lifelong learning.



Kindergarten Language Arts begins with the children gaining a greater awareness of letters and sounds, rhyming words, concept of print, and later using their knowledge to express ideas and thoughts through written expression.



Kindergarten Math helps the children gain the sense of numbers through daily hands-on activities in practicing basic skills from patterns, number recognition, money, and telling time to simple addition and subtraction number stories.



Kindergarten Science is all about the study of living and non-living things as the children become “experts” on the Monarch Butterfly and other life cycles, basic needs of living things, the phases of water, magnets, and seasonal changes in the  world around us.



Kindergarten Social Studies introduces the children to our world from past to present while using maps and globes, studying historical persons, and exploring holidays and customs.


Learning is fun in Crestwood's Kindergarten classrooms!


For more information, please visit the Curriculum Overview.

Curriculum Overview