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3rd Grade

Students smiling

Welcome to Third Grade! This year is an exciting transition from lower elementary to upper elementary school. We use various resources and manipulatives to encourage hands-on learning. Students frequently work collaboratively in groups to learn from one another. This will be the first year that students will be taking SOL (Standards of Learning) tests in both math and reading.




We teach effective reading strategies such as summarizing, sequencing, and inferencing.  Students participate in small reading groups and novel studies based on their reading levels.  Students also have more independent reading time as well as more participation in class read-alouds which model and focus on specific strategies.  Students are placed in word study groups based on an assessment which determines their spelling strengths and weaknesses.  In writing, students will learn about expository, narrative, and descriptive paragraphs while strengthening skills in editing and revision.



Math becomes more challenging in third grade as students work with larger numbers and build on prior knowledge.  Mastery of math facts is essential as students apply them to multi-step problems.  We focus on teaching students a variety of math strategies to solve problems.



Our science curriculum offers a variety of topics, such as phases of the moon, soil, and simple machines.  The units vary in length and include multiple investigations.



Lessons begin to expand students' view of the world.  They learn about our government, diversity in our country, and national holidays.  We continue to study ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, and Mali.


The expectations increase significantly in third grade, as third grade is a bridge to upper elementary school.


For more information, please visit the Curriculum Overview.