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The art program at Crestwood Elementary is built on five basic categories: production, art history, aesthetics, criticism, and curriculum connections.



Students learn to work with various mediums and processes in two-dimension and three-dimension.



Students learn about famous artists, cultures, and styles of art.



This promotes students thinking and communicating about different types of artwork.  It helps students self evaluate and learn critical thinking skills to problem solve.



 Through interdisciplinary activities, students should see connections among the processes, concepts and content learned in art and in other classroom subjects. Throughout the year, I will integrate these ideas to explore the arts and create a positive learning environment that encourages risk taking, problem solving, and experimentation. The students will have the opportunity to create with various materials such as: watercolor and tempera painting, oil and chalk pastels, weaving, and clay.


"I found I could say things with colors and shapes that I could not say any other way--things I had no words for."    

                                                                  ~~Georgia O'Keefe


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Curriculum Overview