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Teacher of the Year 2017-2018

    Miss Layman has taught at Carver for the past 6.5 years and her classroom is an excellent space for learning where students are consistently engaged and focused. Miss Layman excels in the classroom at reaching students with a variety of learning styles and abilities. She has experienced success working with students of all ability levels, including double accelerated and collaborative classes at Carver and uses technology as a central focus to enhance student learning. She has a clear understanding of 21st century learning and innovation in the classroom. By teaching her kids early on to adopt growth mindsets, students in her class tend to have a can-do attitude, knowing that what stands between them and mastery is hard work. She worked closely with our teachers to develop lesson plans that were differentiated and engaging to our students, and she worked to improve math ability and overall math SOL scores that increased the pass rate from 77% to a rate of 79% in one year.  
    Not only has she been an outstanding teacher, but she has also developed herself as an instructional leader, taking on many leadership roles while at Carver. Victoria is the sixth grade math PLC leader and does an outstanding job working with the team of teachers. Victoria has also presents to the division during County professional development in-services and serves on a number of committees for the County math department, such as the Digital Resources Creation Committee, the Summer School Curriculum Creation Committee, and the Curriculum Crosswalk Committee for the 2009/2016 Standards of Learning. 
    Victoria has been integral to Carver in other ways as well. She earned her Master’s in Administration and Supervision in May and utilizes many of those skills she learned in her program to positively impact our school. She has served as a team leader and has the ability to motivate and encourage colleagues. She has also been an NTIP mentor to new CCPS teachers. Her work with our PBIS team, which included mentoring, creating a tier 1 intervention framework, and development of school-wide rewards for students, has been exceptional. This program helps foster positive adult relationships with students throughout the school. As if this were not enough, Victoria also serves as our Teacher Artifact Portfolio coach. This requires her to present to teachers and train them on a new system to keep documentation for summative evaluations.
    Miss Layman can also often be found participating in any teacher vs. student extracurricular activity such as a basketball game or kickball game to help boost student and staff morale. Most importantly, Victoria relates to students, develops positive relationships, and pushes each student to be their best. She consistently holds her students to high standards through expecting strong grades and behavioral excellence. She demonstrates a positive work ethic, flexibility, and adaptability. Her vested interest in students as whole individuals helps students respect and look up to her. Miss Layman’s compassion and care for students is evident daily. She has truly been an asset to the students and staff at Carver Middle School.