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At the August 14, 2017, PTA meeting, a motion was made by the PTA president to change the bylaws for Carver Middle School PTA to a PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association.)  The VP of Membership seconded the motion. According to the bylaws, this proposed change must be listed for 30 days for membership review and then a vote to adopt by majority of those present and voting. 

This one amendment will change the name of the Local Unit which will be attached to the revised bylaws upon approval and will apply throughout the entire bylaws document.  The national ID# will remain the same.  All other instances where Carver PTA is mentioned will be updated accordingly to Carver PTSA. 

Why should students be part of the PTA?  Opportunities are available to develop leadership skills, communicate with policy-makers and contribute to their schools and to their communities. 

Proposed Amendment Date: September 18, 2017

Letter from the PTA

Welcome.  Carver Middle is fortunate to have an active PTA comprised of parents, teachers, staff, and community partners.  We all share the common goal of providing for our students, faculty, and school.  The most important part of our support is volunteerism.  All parents are asked to volunteer a few hours each school year.  Opportunities are available during various times before and after school.  Please volunteer.   

Another goal of the PTA is to provide additional resources.  The following is a brief list of items we hope to help fund at Carver this year:  Core Value receptions, story teller & author visits, new English paperback books, Reflections, student dances, teacher appreciation activities, and a free Family Bingo Night.  Financial support for these endeavors is provided through various fundraisers.  We ask for your support.

Carver PTA cannot have a successful year without you! 


Why be involved?

You are important to Carver Middle School. Your presence and involvement in your student’s development and education are critical factors to middle school success and student achievement.  When parents are actively engaged in their student's education, students benefit with:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better attitudes and behavior
  • Better school attendance
  • More completed homework assignments
  • Greater likelihood of graduating from high school
  • Better chance of enrolling in postsecondary education.