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World Languages

World Language courses offer students a window to the world, opportunities to virtually travel the globe and experience other cultures through thematic units of vocabulary, authentic video and audio resources, and hands-on application of knowledge acquisition.

Level 1 students will be able to introduce themselves, discuss and describe themselves and family, and communicate basic interests and needs, focusing on school and community. Upon successful completion, this course carries a high school credit.

Levels 1A and 1B offer the same material as Level 1, but at a slower pace, spanning two years. Upon successful completion of Level 1B, one high school credit will be awarded.

Level 2 expands upon the curriculum of Level 1, with introduction of additional vocabulary and more advanced grammar. Most material will be presented in the target language.

Level 3 expands upon the Level 2 experience, with additional vocabulary and grammar introduced. Most communication and resources will be in the target language.

World language courses will require nightly homework and practice in order to build the necessary foundation to succeed.

Laura Powell Kiser
Department Chair