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Teacher: Angela Dyke

Itinerant Teacher:  Kendall Whitmore (Wednesdays)
Curtis Elementary has two computer labs.  One of the labs is used for resource instruction and the other is available to teachers to use with their class.  In addition to the computer labs, Curtis has 1 laptop carts, 10 Chromebook carts, as well as 3 mobile NEO carts.  Curtis also has an interactive white boards in the labs and in all classrooms. 

Computer resource is designed to help students understand and use technology that is available in the school.  The activities will enable students to improve their technology skills, and help prepare them for later in life.  Children will learn to use equipment properly, become more proficient using the available software, and learn how technology can help in the learning process.  
Computer Lessons  
Appropriate use of technology equipment
Keyboard Awareness
Internet Awareness
Word processing
Spreadsheets and graphs
  Slide show presentations
  Web based investigations and research
  Projects using technology