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Standards of Learning (SOL)

Students and teachers at Crenshaw work diligently throughout the year to prepare for SOL assessments. The SOL assessments provide information on individual student achievement with grade level curriculum. This year, all SOL assessments will be taken online. Each test contains multiple choice questions and “technology enhanced items” which allow the student to provide an answer to a question or problem in another way (fill in the blank, drag and drop, hot spot, graphs/histograms).

Who Takes What?

· 3rd grade students will be tested in math and reading. 3rd Grade Math and Reading SOLs will be administered over two days.

· 4th grade students will be formally assessed in the areas of history, math, and reading. 4th Grade Math will be administered over 2 days.

· 5th grade will complete SOL tests in math, reading, and science. 5th grade Math will be administered over two days. Students taking the 6th Grade Math SOL (5th Grade Accelerated Students) will complete the test in one day.

Please ensure your child is at school on time and well rested the morning of each SOL test. Our students and teachers have worked extremely hard preparing for these tests, and we are confident that they will do well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sam Wade at 739-6250.

For more testing information, feel free to visit the Virginia Department Of Education.