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Physical Education

In addition to daily recess, students receive Physical Education instruction one day per week during their resource time.  Ms. Will  works with students at each grade level to provide motivation and information about their personal health choices, exercise routines and the importance of physical well-being. 
Students are given physical fitness tests at the beginning and end of each school year.  These tests, which measure cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and overall flexibility, help students set personal goals and allow them to monitor their yearly progress. The overall goal of Crenshaw’s Physical Education program is to combine fun and fitness, encouraging a life-time of wellness for all students. By focusing and implementing personal health goals, students will be able to make healthier and wiser choices fostering a life-time of healthy habits and routines.
Important Dates:
1.  Jump Rope For Heart Event: This is an optional community service project for Crenshaw students. Students take 2-4 weeks to raise money which helps The American Heart Association assist and aid children born with congenital heart conditions. Students are able to raise money with their parent’s permission and earn consultation prizes, all while getting a healthy heart in the process and benefiting students with heart complications.
2.  Buddy Field Day:  Parent volunteers always assist with running Field Day stations.  Field Day is a school event that incorporates sports, activities and skills taught in Physical Education class jammed into an action packed, buddy challenging fun day for the student’s right before SOL testing starts.  Look for a volunteer sign-up form to come home in late March or early April each year.  K-2nd grades will be from 10am-12 noon and 3rd-5th grade will be 1-3pm. 
Now let’s Get Up, Get Active and Get Moving!  Contact Ms. Will if you have questions or need any assistance regarding your own personal health and fitness regimen.