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When a house is built, what is the first portion to be constructed? The foundation. Kindergarten is the first layer of the educational foundation and provides a student’s first exposure to many new concepts. In addition to simply learning to follow directions, students at this level are learning what letters look and sound like and how they work together to form words and sentences. Writing at this stage is all about creation – how to write and draw letters then how to string them together to create a masterpiece!

Mathematics, science and social studies are also taught at the kindergarten level with the primary focus on exposure to all concepts. In math, the focus is on numbers, shapes, patterns, counting and the language used in mathematical operations. In science, students investigate and use their five senses to discover how things work at the most basic level. To create good citizens, students start early in their study of citizenship, geography, important people in history and how communities work. While there are fun and games involved in the kindergarten curriculum, the main focus is the creation of a strong foundation for future learning.

Curriculum Overview