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Safety Patrols

In May of 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "In addition to the day-to-day protection against accidents to school children afforded by the patrols, the movement is unquestionably a fine builder of morale. It also develops a sense of responsibility which cannot but make for good citizenship. It is my sincere hope that it will continue to expand and remain as a permanent feature of our national effort in the interest of traffic safety."

In continuing with the intention of promoting school safety, the Crenshaw Elementary School Safety Patrol is an ongoing mechanism for training student leaders through the enforcement of safety rules. Our students are recommended by their teachers, based on a criteria of their ability to be self-directed in exemplifying the Crenshaw model of core values for all students to follow. They are taught to both practice and enforce student safety while traveling within the halls and on the grounds of the school. Each group serves for a semester (Fall or Spring) and switches to another program (if selected) to learn other leadership skills.