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Driver's Education

Behind the Wheel
How to sign up for Behind-the-Wheel:
  • Students should get some driving experience in parking lots or other low risk driving environments before behind-the wheel training  (The 45 hour driving log does not have to be completed at this time)
  • Students can sign up the first ODD school day of the week with Mr. Jenkins at all lunches in the cafeteria
  • Complete and bring the (2) permission forms found below:
  • Bring a check for $210.00 made payable to Cosby High School.  You may also pay this fee online for a nominal convenience fee (http://osp.osmsinc.com/chesterfieldva/)
  • Bring your learner’s permit
 Printable Driver’s Ed. Forms:
The following forms are required to sign up for behind the wheel. These forms may be obtained in the main office or by downloading them off this website
Behind the wheel instructors:
Frank Jenkins 804-639-8340 x8527 francis_jenkinsccpsnet.net
Ray Jeter          804-639-8340 x8528 raymond_jeterccpsnet.net
Jim McLean     804-378-2420         james_mcleanccpsnet.net

How to pick up your License:
  1. Students can pick up their license on school days during their lunch by coming to the Men’s locker room PE office (See Mr. Jenkins) with your learner’s permit and your completed driving log.
Students choosing to complete behind-the-wheel training at a private driving school:
  1. Students need to obtain a certificate of classroom completion card (Green Card) from their classroom Driver’s Ed. Teacher.
Students that are moving:
  1. Students need to obtain a certificate of classroom completion card (Green Card) from their classroom Driver’s Ed. Teacher. They will need this card to complete Behind-the-wheel training in their new town or city.

Learner's Permit Application News:

Cosby High School is pleased to announce that students can take the Virginia DMV learner’s permit test online at the school. Students will be eligible to test if they are 15 years 6 months or older by the last Tuesday of each month. We will offer the test right after school at 3:15 pm in room 219 BY REGISTRATION ONLY!

Steps to complete the process:

  • A customer number is not required, but if you have a DMV ID card you must enter the name, DOB and customer number exactly as it appears on your DMV ID card. Otherwise, enter your full legal name and date of birth and leave the customer number field blank.

  • Please provide a parent or student’s email to receive registration confirmation, test results, notification of changes to the date and time or cancellation of the test event.

On the test date arrive before the start time and please bring:

  • Bring completed, and signed DTS 41 consent form. The form is available at http://www.dmvnow.com/webdoc/pdf/dts41.pdf.

  • A picture ID to verify identity.

  • The student will be issued a test receipt after passing the learner’s permit test. Take this receipt to DMV to apply for the the learner’s permit and to expedite the application process within 6 months or a retest is required.

  • Students should bring their Chromebooks and Headphones for testing

At the DMV customer service center:

If you have any questions with the process, please contact DMV by phone at (804) 497-7100.

If you choose not to do the online testing, you may obtain obtain a Learners Permit by:
  1. Must be 15 and 6 months old to get learners
  2. Complete a DL 1M learners permit and driver license application form
  3. Furnish proof of social security, residency, and original identification document certifying name and date of birth
  4. Pass a multiple-choice sign and knowledge test. MUST answer all 10-road signs correctly. Students are required to answer at least 80% of the general knowledge questions correctly (20 out of 25).
  5. Pass a vision test
  6. Have a digitized photo taken at DMV
How to Obtain a Drivers License:
- Must be 16 and 3 months old to get license
- Must hold learners for 9 months
- 36 hours of classroom Drivers Ed. 
(Students cannot miss more than 10 1st period classes or 5 block classes of Driver’s Ed. to meet this requirement)
- Behind the Wheel Training (7 days of driving and observing)
- Driving Log (Found on the school website) (Info. must be recorded on the official log sheet) 45 hours, 15 of which must be after sunset. The hours driven during behind-the-wheel training cannot be used on the driving log.
-The 180-day provisional license (TDL-180) is valid when accompanied by a valid Virginia learners permit.