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Teacher of the Year


English teachers are always searching for the perfect adjective; whether it is for an example in class or an email to a parent, we strive to grasp the perfect descriptor. English teacher Ally Eckenrode possesses so many admirable qualities that have shaped her into such a knowledgeable and valuable educator that for those who have the pleasure of meeting her, the list of adjectives is of endless high praise.

Ally brings a sense of home and belonging to her classroom that many teachers dream of achieving; each student that enters her classroom is given an equal chance to excel in an environment that fosters growth, love, and a touch of silliness. Ally always remembers that though these are high school students, they are still kids that need opportunities to be kids. Her tireless efforts to connect to her students on a deeper level are met with the admiration of her kids and her colleagues.

Since Ally came to Cosby, she has taken leadership roles as a senior sponsor and helped to launch the club appropriately named “Legacy,” in which seniors strive to perform acts of kindness for everyone in the school, therefore leaving a legacy of compassion and empathy in their wake. This club is one of the most telling creations about Ally; much like the students in the club, she leaves everything more exceptional than when she arrived. Students are lucky to have her and her colleagues are better for knowing her.

By Sarah Nolan (Herman)