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Student Interest Groups

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Club Name Sponsors
African-American Culture Club Kendra_Hughes
Art Guild Susan_Lamson, Helena_Agnew
BYO Student Book Club Dana_Wasnock
Environmental Club Bryan_Dilday
Fashion Club Barbara_DeFrancesco
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Peter_Mutascio
Healthy Habits Food Club Leslie_Meadows
Lightning LegionRichard_Schumaker, Mark_Lanigan, Roger_Lattimer
Manga Club
Math ClubAmber_Mierchuk
Mechamon Comics ClubRebecca_Miller
Muslim Student Association Eugenet_Streett
Physics Club Megan_Barnes, Catherine_Brewington
Politics Club / Model UNChristopher_Prior, Amanda_Mills, Renee_Serrao
Cosby Community Connections (C3)Lindsey_Poore, Kerrie_Arcand
Science Fiction / Fantasy ClubWilliam_Waddell
Science Tutoring ClubBryan_Dilday, Robert_Pratt, Todd_Hoover
South Asia - India ClubEugene_Streett, Tutun_Harsono
SPECTRUMCatherine_Brewington, Catherine_Tejnecky
Writing ClubPatricia_Gundry


The Lightning Legion Student Fan Organization is Cosby’s biggest and easiest club to be a part of! We support all Cosby sports, seasons and other events while making it fun to be a fan! There is no requirement to be a member. When you come to an event, we make it fun! With the membership, you get the Legion t-shirt and fan scarf! We sponsor tailgates, fan buses and try to have games and food as often as possible.

It is a great way to meet people and have fun doing it!

We have theme nights, like the Beach-Out and Workout Night. We provide our Legion Paint Zone for students to get ready for Varsity Football Games. We do organized chants and music to make the fan experience the same across all sports. We provide fan buses to away games. We provide dum-dums, along with chants and music for the bus to make it like a mobile student section!

For more information, and pictures of our events, please visit our website: https://cosbylightninglegion.wordpress.com/


There is no time requirement to be a member of the Legion! We want you to come when you can, and when you do we make it great. We meet every second Wednesday of each month to learn new chants and update on upcoming events. Just follow on Twitter, announcements and our Website for info if you can't make our meetings.

Our club is open to all students of all grades and interests! The only requirement is an interest in meeting new people and helping to create a fun, exciting environment at Cosby events. We have events throughout the year, so even if you play a sport or are in band or in drama, you can still be a part of the Legion.

Cosby Community connections (C3):

This club was formerly known as the Red Cross Club. The name was changed to allow for a variety of community outreach programs the club wishes to support.  

The C3 club sponsors 2 blood drives a year
Collects items for the military to support our local VA hospital
Coat and Sock Drives
Write notes and cards throughout the year for residents of Brandermill Woods and the Millitarypersonnel serving our country
Participates in the homecoming parade


The C3 club meets once a month after school for approximately 45 minutes.

Must help with the military and blood drives

$10 dues and regular attendance.

Assist with blood drives


The Sci-Fi / Fantasy Club is a group dedicated to fans of all genres of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Other fandoms include- but are not limited to- anime, manga, comics, video games, trading card games, table-top gaming, and general nerd / geek culture.

At the beginning of every year, an entire meeting is dedicated to our "Sorting Hat" celebration. All students are divided into four houses- loosely based upon those in the Harry Potter universe.

We play a lot of games. In addition to trading card games, we play many party/ social games. We celebrate the monthly full moon by partaking in a game of "Werewolf." If you don't know what it is about- come check us out. We also play "The Match Game," which is based on the old game show- but only with Sci-Fi scenarios.

We also have participated in other activities- some of which include: trivia, capture the flag, white elephant gift exchange at our annual holiday party, a massive egg near spring break, May the Fourth be with you celebration, learning to write Tolkien's Elvish, and our annual "For the Love of Sci-Fi" party. We also plan to offer some of the following workshops for the 2015-2016 school year: "How to tie a bow tie," sushi-making, Dr. Who tea parties, and group painting.

Major events that we participate in are the annual homecoming parade, and the Chesterfield Library System's annual Comic-Con (at which we have a booth).

The club has its initial meeting the second week of school, and meets every Thursday from 2-3pm. Locations may change- but historically, the group has met in room 342.

All members must must fill-out an information sheet, and pay dues of $10.


This Christian-based student led club provides all students with an opportunity to meet once a week for a time of fellowship, devotion, and worship.

This group maintains a consistent core of students that meet to pray for their schools and fellow students. Volunteering opportunities will become more available as the new year approaches.  Members of the club volunteer at the free tailgating opportunities provided by a local church at Chesterfield County sporting events and events.

The club meets every Friday morning from 8 to 8:20. Time spent on community volunteering varies per event.

The club is open to all students all the time. There are no specific qualifications or processes required to join the club. We have several members that attend meetings consistently while others attend when their schedule and travel situations allow.


The Physics club will provide an enriching outlet for students to explore topics in depth that cannot be covered within the scope of the regular physics curriculum and/or classroom. The physics club is available to all former and current physics students at Cosby High School.

Activities will include regular after school meetings. The Physics Club will attend the Chesterfield County STEAM Fair and other physics related opportunities that the club members choose. Members will offer physics tutoring after school.

Membership shall be open to students formerly and currently enrolled in physics. Members agree to be available for 1 hour ever 2 weeks after school to perform physics tutoring. There will be an annual nominal fee due.